April 2, 2012 // Post by Ben Bergh // 0 Comments

Recently my cousin Adrian Bergh agreed to help with some test photography on the golf course. Being a keen golfer, Adrian was quite stoked to get me out on a golf course as i’m always wanting to drag him to a downhill skate session or mountain bike ride.

Observatory Golf course kindly granted us access for the afternoon and even supplied us with a golf cart to move equipment around the course. Very kind people. Adrian and i spent about three hours on the course and the Elinchrom Ranger RX did a superb job in overpowering the overhead sunlight and allowing me freedom to shoot at 2000th/s, not only to freeze the action in direct sunlight, but also to create that more saturated, late afternoon look i prefer.

Gonne be visiting some more golf course soon, so check this space for more updates on the Elinchrom Ranger RX and Pocketwizard kits in action.

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